T+56 2 23691600 - F+56 2 23691611 Av. Apoquindo 3669 Las Condes, Santiago, CHILE

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    Raimundo Valenzuela

    Former CEO of Viña Santa Rita. Founder and major shareholder of RR since 1993. Besides his participation in the wine industry, Mr. Valenzuela is a highly recognized businessman in Chile involved in Real Estate, Financial and Retail business as well.

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    Matías Lecaros Enologist, Universidad de Chile.

    Worked for Viña Santa Rita and Viña Carmen since 1997 until 2004. Became partner at RR in December 2004 and is currently in charge of wine making.

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    Francisco Correa Viticulturist, Universidad Mayor.

    Joined RR in 1999 as Vineyard Manager. He manages all of RR vineyards working to obtain the best grapes possible.

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    Tania Rojas

    Joined RR in 2008. She is winemaker and her charge is Quality Control System Manager.

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    Eduardo Guerrero Economist, Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Joined RR in 2009 as a Finance Manager. He had been in Empresas COPEC since 2005 until 2009.

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    Benjamín Laso

    Joined RR in 2012 as Operational Manager.

  • persona12b

    Carlos Núñez

    He joined RR in 2008. He is in charge of Exports Documentation.

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    Ivonne Landeros

    Joined RR in 2013 as Laboratory Head.

  • persona15

    Isabel Pizarro

    Joined RR in 2010. She is in charge of Exports, Logistic and Grapes

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    Soledad Márquez

    Joined RR in 2009. She is in charge of Local Wine Logistic.

  • persona10

    Yovanna Espinoza

    Joined RR in 2007. She is Quality Control Assistant.

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    Patrick Ming

    Joined RR at 2007 ,with Commercial background, University of Shanghai Financial & Commercial University, good experience in marketing and international business. Now in charge of RR China business.

  • persona20

    Luis Ordenes

    House Winery Master. Winemaker graduated from Geisenheim University in Germany, is the first RR worker when it began to build the winery in 2004